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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

Hi. I’m Rosemary and I’m in charge of cleaning services for a large university. It really is a challenge. From graffiti on walls to chemical spills in science labs, I ensure that anything unsightly is cleaned up quickly and safely. In the course of my job, I’ve learnt that choosing the correct cleaning service for a task is the key to efficiency. I employ a general services company to do everyday cleaning, however, we regularly hire specialist carpet cleaners and definitely use qualified services for problems like chemical spills. Lots of my family members and friends call me when they have particular cleaning problems in their businesses. I figure that the knowledge I’ve collected over the years could be helpful, so I’ve started this blog. Do let me know if it’s useful and may your surfaces always be bright!

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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

    Must Have Tools for Professional Cleaning

    Professional cleaning often involves various tasks. Depending on the premises, professional cleaners need to undertake floor care, restroom cleaning, general maintenance of areas and appliances and kitchen/corridor cleaning. To keep these areas looking their best, professional cleaners need to have several important cleaning tools by their side. These tools can remove stains, eliminate germs and polish surfaces to appear new. Professional cleaning tools can be categorised into 3 main groups:

    Pressure Washing: How to Remove Tough Stains on Your Concrete Driveway

    Concrete driveways can get dingy over time and cause the exterior of your home to look unappealing and less valuable. Tough stains such as oil and chemical spills can be an eyesore, not to mention the damage they can cause on your driveway. Occasionally pressure washing the driveway can get rid of these tough stains and restore the beautiful and appealing look of your home's exterior. Pressure washing is a task that DIYers should undertake with caution.

    DIY Office Window Cleaning Tips

    Cleanliness is paramount in an office set-up. A clean office environment will create a good first impression in the eyes of prospective clients. The state of glass windows in an office can be used to judge how serious a commercial entity is about the cleanliness of their premises. This article discusses a few DIY cleaning tips that will come in handy when the office windows get dirty before it's time for routine cleaning by the commercial cleaning company.

    How to prepare your clothes before getting them picked up by a laundry service

    Mobile wash and fold laundry services are becoming increasingly popular for many types of demographics. If you don't have a washing machine at home and are tired of sitting for hours at the laundromat, if you have children whose clothing needs washing more often than you can handle, or if you just don't like to do your washing yourself, you might want to try a wash and fold laundry service. To get the most out of your wash and fold service, there are a few things you should think about when it comes to preparing the clothes for getting picked up.

    Basic Facts about Recycling Rubbish

    Waste disposal has become a much talked about industry in recent years as countries try to find new ways to encourage environmentally safe removal of rubbish so that it can be recycled and made into sustainable energy. For Australia, the focus is recycling on all levels: residential and commercial alike. Here's information on what key recycling terms mean, how global leaders are doing with their recycling efforts, and how you can help Australia by recycling during your next project:

    How To Build A Mini Enclosure For Asbestos Removal

    In some older residential properties, asbestos may be found in many places. These places include as part of the water tank, as part of any textured ceiling, and outside the property—such as part of the building's roof, or as part of a felt roofing. In many cases, this asbestos can be dealt with by the owner; no special training or inspection by the local authority is required in order to remove it.

    What to Remember When Buying Commercial Cleaning Supplies

    It goes without saying that a more comfortable work environment is good for employee productivity. This explains why business entities will not hesitate to invest in proper air conditioning, security surveillance systems and even commercial janitorial services. All these combine to make the workplace more comfortable for your employees, hence making them more productive. In as much as you cleaning service company will always handle purchase of cleaning supplies, it is important to be well informed about the cleaning products and supplies used on your premises.

    Cultivate Kids Who Love Chores: Five Ideas For Parents

    In cultures around the world, small children chop firewood, sweep huts and help their families, but in much of the western world, children seem to hate chores. Want to get your kid involved in the chores without arguing, bribing or forcing them? Here are five tips on cultivating kiddos who want to help: 1. Make clean the norm Many kids defer to the default. If your home is constantly dirty, if you have piles of clothes around your room or if you leave dirty dishes sitting out, your kids will likely follow suit.