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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

Hi. I’m Rosemary and I’m in charge of cleaning services for a large university. It really is a challenge. From graffiti on walls to chemical spills in science labs, I ensure that anything unsightly is cleaned up quickly and safely. In the course of my job, I’ve learnt that choosing the correct cleaning service for a task is the key to efficiency. I employ a general services company to do everyday cleaning, however, we regularly hire specialist carpet cleaners and definitely use qualified services for problems like chemical spills. Lots of my family members and friends call me when they have particular cleaning problems in their businesses. I figure that the knowledge I’ve collected over the years could be helpful, so I’ve started this blog. Do let me know if it’s useful and may your surfaces always be bright!

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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

How You Can Implement Green Cleaning in Schools

by Phillip Clark

Schools are bound to be a place where dirt and germs gather in high numbers. With many children inhabiting the same area the majority of the day, every day, they manage to get things dirty. A clean learning environment can contribute to fewer absences, both among students and teachers, as fewer bacteria will be spreading. To improve the health of both the people in the school as well as the environment, your cleaning company could benefit from considering implementing green cleaning.


What essentially makes green cleaning 'green' are the supplies. Using supplies containing toxic chemicals can cause dermatological and respiratory conditions, apart from being harmful to the environment. As some children may already have asthma, using cleaning supplies free from toxic chemicals can make breathing easier for these children, bettering their experience in school. It can also help to prevent other children from getting asthma, as they don't need to be exposed to unnecessary toxins. Products without toxic chemicals should be labelled to be biodegradable. As eco-friendly cleaning supplies are becoming more and more common, many companies sell them in bulk, making it easier and cheaper for your commercial cleaning company to obtain. Using products like these can also benefit the health of you who are doing the cleaning.


For environmentally sustainable cleaning equipment, you should use vacuums that are adapted for high-efficiency filters that catch even the smallest particles of dust. Microfiber cloths should be used for the same purpose, as they can also be washed many times for a minimal amount of waste. This also helps with preventing respiratory conditions. Another area you should look into to make your cleaning green is the usage of paper. Using recycled paper with a low amount of toxins is better for the environment than ordinary paper, but you should consider looking into your usage of paper in general. Cutting back on using paper leads to fewer wasted materials while cleaning and is friendlier to the environment.


Make sure you use environmentally friendly procedures when cleaning, like minimising the use of disinfectants. Focus on spraying only the surfaces that are touched the most. Also, use furniture and metal polishes as little as possible, and when you do, only use the liquid on the cloth and not on the actual surface of what's being cleaned. This can prevent spreading of hazardous substances in the air, as the polish will reside mainly on the cloth and not on the item being cleaned. 

For more tips on keeping your school clean and the students healthy, contact commercial cleaning companies.