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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

Hi. I’m Rosemary and I’m in charge of cleaning services for a large university. It really is a challenge. From graffiti on walls to chemical spills in science labs, I ensure that anything unsightly is cleaned up quickly and safely. In the course of my job, I’ve learnt that choosing the correct cleaning service for a task is the key to efficiency. I employ a general services company to do everyday cleaning, however, we regularly hire specialist carpet cleaners and definitely use qualified services for problems like chemical spills. Lots of my family members and friends call me when they have particular cleaning problems in their businesses. I figure that the knowledge I’ve collected over the years could be helpful, so I’ve started this blog. Do let me know if it’s useful and may your surfaces always be bright!

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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

Why You Should Get Your Curtains Cleaned Before Your Baby Is Born

by Phillip Clark

If you're currently preparing your home for the arrival of a new baby, one task you should add to the list is scheduling a bulk curtain laundry service. Here are 3 reasons why it's important to have your curtains professionally cleaned before your due date.

Curtains Are Full of Germs and Allergens

One of the main reasons you should have the curtains in your home cleaned before your baby arrives is that unwashed curtains are full of germs and allergens. Over time, fabrics in the home (curtains included) can collect dust, dust mites, mildew, pet dander, insect eggs and a range of other germs you wouldn't want your child exposed to. While a newborn baby is unlikely to come into contact with curtains directly, it's important to note that these germs don't just stay on the fabric; they become airborne, meaning your baby can breathe them in even if they never touch your curtains. Since pollutants like these can be harmful to a young child's body, it's important to keep them out of your home by making sure your curtains are clean.

Having a Newborn Is Hectic

If you're planning on having your curtains cleaned but you were thinking of waiting until after your baby is born to do it, it's important to be aware of how hectic life can be with a newborn in it. While having your curtains professionally cleaned requires little effort on your part, you may be so busy with your little one that you forget to even schedule a cleaning. To avoid putting even more pressure on yourself and your partner in those chaotic first few weeks or months, try to schedule a cleaning well before your due date.

People Will Want to Visit

Another good reason to have your curtains professionally cleaned before your bundle of joy arrives is that you aren't the only one likely to be enamoured with your baby. Once he or she is here in the world, you're likely to have a lot of visits from friends and family who want to spend time with your little one. While no one should expect a new parent's home to be spick and span, it's easy to feel like you're being judged when people come to visit. Having clean curtains can help make your home look its best when friends and family come over, making you feel a little more comfortable when you're being bombarded with visits.