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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

Hi. I’m Rosemary and I’m in charge of cleaning services for a large university. It really is a challenge. From graffiti on walls to chemical spills in science labs, I ensure that anything unsightly is cleaned up quickly and safely. In the course of my job, I’ve learnt that choosing the correct cleaning service for a task is the key to efficiency. I employ a general services company to do everyday cleaning, however, we regularly hire specialist carpet cleaners and definitely use qualified services for problems like chemical spills. Lots of my family members and friends call me when they have particular cleaning problems in their businesses. I figure that the knowledge I’ve collected over the years could be helpful, so I’ve started this blog. Do let me know if it’s useful and may your surfaces always be bright!

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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

6 Super Carpet Cleaning Tips for Seniors

by Phillip Clark

As someone ages, they often encounter challenges that make it harder to perform daily tasks. Even things like keeping the carpet clean can pose a challenge. If you or an elder you love is struggling with strength, mobility or other issues related to aging, you can still enjoy clean carpet,  here are six tips to keep in mind.

1. Buy low weight tools

If your strength is waning, make cleaning easier on yourself by investing in low weight tools. Instead of using a heavy full sized vacuum, for example, use a lightweight handheld one. However, when picking out new tools, also keep in mind the position in which they need to be used.

2. Avoiding bending and crouching

If you have trouble getting in and out of a crouching position, you need tools that allow you to clean your carpet from a standing position. Think outside of the box. Maybe you would fare better with a canister vacuum with lots of long attachments that allow you to reach lots of places without manipulating your body into potentially dangerous positions. If possible, try out a few options to see what feels most comfortable to you.

3. Embrace natural cleaners

In addition to the struggles of vacuuming, you also need to make a plan for cleaning stains. If your skin has grown more sensitive with age, you may want to stay away from harsh cleaners. Instead, you may want to use vinegar, baking soda or other natural cleaners as they are less abrasive on your skin. Additionally, you should also focus on stain prevention.

4. Consider carpet guards

If you are prone to spills due to a weakened grip, consider putting plastic guards on your carpet. Perfect for under tables, near chairs where you spend a lot of time or in high traffic areas, carpet guards fully protect the carpet, and they can be easily scrubbed off as needed.

5. Ask for help

If any of these challenges become insurmountable to you, remember that you do not necessarily have to tackle them on your own. If you have a homecare nurse or aide who visits you, ask them for help with cleaning your carpet. You may even be able to find volunteers in the community who are willing to help you.

6. Schedule annual carpet cleaning

The foundation of a clean carpet is regular professional cleaning. If you really want to enjoy a clean carpet, call a professional such as Clean Air Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning to come in once a year or every six months. Once they arrive, you can just sit back and watch them clean.