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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

Hi. I’m Rosemary and I’m in charge of cleaning services for a large university. It really is a challenge. From graffiti on walls to chemical spills in science labs, I ensure that anything unsightly is cleaned up quickly and safely. In the course of my job, I’ve learnt that choosing the correct cleaning service for a task is the key to efficiency. I employ a general services company to do everyday cleaning, however, we regularly hire specialist carpet cleaners and definitely use qualified services for problems like chemical spills. Lots of my family members and friends call me when they have particular cleaning problems in their businesses. I figure that the knowledge I’ve collected over the years could be helpful, so I’ve started this blog. Do let me know if it’s useful and may your surfaces always be bright!

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School Smart: Finding Creative Cleaning Solutions

What to Remember When Buying Commercial Cleaning Supplies

by Phillip Clark

It goes without saying that a more comfortable work environment is good for employee productivity. This explains why business entities will not hesitate to invest in proper air conditioning, security surveillance systems and even commercial janitorial services. All these combine to make the workplace more comfortable for your employees, hence making them more productive.

In as much as you cleaning service company will always handle purchase of cleaning supplies, it is important to be well informed about the cleaning products and supplies used on your premises. Here are a few things to remember when buying commercial cleaning supplies.

Harmful Chemicals That Should Be Avoided

 Commercial cleaning supplies are made of a number of different chemical compounds. Drain cleaning supplies for example, may contain high concentrations of hydrochloric acid which is very dangerous.

It would be a good idea to ascertain the chemical composition of the cleaning supplies used by your janitorial service company so as to ensure that their use poses the least threat of harm and injury.

Common harmful chemicals to look out for in commercial cleaning supplies include ammonia and chlorine among several others. Ammonia is known for its high levels of toxicity despite being a very good surface cleaner. It is also known for its chocking smell which can cause suffocation in a poorly ventilated work area

On the other hand, chlorine is a known bleaching detergent that is highly corrosive in nature. Inhaling high amounts of chlorine on a regular basis and over an extended period of time causes lung damage

If you undertake commercial cleaning without the help of a janitorial service company, be sure to avoid cleaning supplies that have high concentrations of the chemicals discussed above.  

Benefits Of Green Cleaning Supplies

The use of green cleaning supplies has gained popularity in recent times. It would be a good idea to invest in green cleaning supplies for the advantages that they present.  For one green cleaning supplies help to boost employee productivity by reducing the likelihood of allergies and related complications at the workplace. This is for the simple reason that green cleaning supplies have a high concentration of organic materials as opposed to harmful chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions.

Secondly, green cleaning supplies are neurotoxin free. Long-term exposure to neurotoxins interferes with brain function. In the office set up, this would mean that exposure to neurotoxins in cleaning supplies results in loss of concentration, headaches and dizziness which are all not good for your business productivity levels.

Remember the information discussed above next time you're shopping for cleaning supplies. For more information, contact GreenKleen Australia.